As companies move towards designing more competitive benefits packages, employers are finding themselves immersed in a confusing world of complex regulations and financial requirements. Finding the right partner can make all the difference. At TRG Advisors, retirement planning is our primary language and we see it as our job to deliver companies from confusion to comfort. In other words, we do what we do best, so that you can do what you do best.

From strategic design to employee experience, we partner with you to build a retirement program that is customized for you and your employees. We offer a broad range of services and flexible solutions to accommodate companies of all sizes. Our objective is to deliver quality investment services that incorporate fiduciary management principles and ERISA best practices.

At the core of our service is a desire to engage individuals in their retirement journey and to help them retire on their own terms through the company sponsored retirement plan. To that end, we have developed a highly engaging employee experience that is motivational, educational and rewarding to participants. Our state-of-the- art participant tools help employees better understand their plan and realize the benefits, translating to increased participation and contribution rates.


We begin every engagement with a careful review of your existing plan. This includes a comprehensive review of all providers, services and fees associated with the retirement plan.

Following this initial analysis, recommendations and implementation of best practices, TRG Advisors provides ongoing supervision of the plan including:

  • Regular review of the plan’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Selection of an appropriate, diversified, best-in-class investment menu
  • Continuous monitoring and detailed quarterly reporting of investment performance
  • Annual review and fee benchmarking with plan sponsor and investment committee
  • Secure online access to all relevant documentation
  • Customized employee education and financial wellness program


In addition to managing fiduciary risk of the company and its fiduciaries, TRG works towards the educating and guiding plan participants towards positive retirement outcomes. To that end, we offer participants a range of resources including:

  • Customized financial wellness and education program, equipped with:
  • Periodic market updates
  • Timely and relevant educational videos and articles
  • Group education seminars
  • Interactive online tools, including retirement and personal finance calculators
  • One-on-one financial advice to participants
  • TRG’s proprietary mobile app



At TRG Advisors, we pride ourselves on transparency and independence. After all, we know that trust is the most valuable service we can offer our clients. TRG Advisors is not affiliated with any investment or insurance company, which means that there is never any incentive for us to favor one investment product over another. Likewise, our clients always know exactly what we charge for our services and who pays our service fees.

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